The first thing you need to know about me is that in my career I've tried out just about everything - from research to wedding planning to marketing. Beyond that, I can be summed up in about three bullet points.

1 - I love learning. Because of this I have a compulsion to buy every personal development book that comes out, regardless of how many are resting unread on my bookshelf.

2 - Color and patterns and photos of color and patterns give me life. 

3 - I make lists...for everything. This degree of list-making seems absurd to others but keeps me calm and sane.


Kim Wensel has spent the last ten years dedicated to marketing the value of ideas and programs. She's known for her ability to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and career changers who are searching for better ways to communicate their niche through their website, their elevator pitch, and their requests for support.

She currently services as the National Grants Manager at Tahirih Justice Center. In this role she develops compelling narratives that demonstrate the impact of investing in courageous immigrant women and girls fleeing violence.

Kim is a self-taught entrepreneur, has a Master in Social Work and Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Virginia Tech.


kim wensel
kim wensel pattern of purpose

"Kim can take complicated information and transform it into something beautifully designed and easily understood by staff at all levels of an organization."

Dara, writer and data storyteller

"Working with Kim was exactly what I needed to get clear on my career goals and take action on them."

Jessica, designer



Most of my new content and resources can be found over at Pattern of Purpose, a place where I'm helping service-based entrepreneurs understand their niche and confidently explain that in a way that leaves their audience saying, "Yes, that's exactly what I need!"